"What a wonderful, positive, enlightening and fascinating experience.  Thank you so very much. I now have a far better understanding (and appreciation) of myself and how to feel happy and fulfilled.  That truly is a gift I shall carry with me.  The service you offer is inspired and inspiring.  Your gentle analysis and intelligent, insightful guidance have been hugely valuable.  I’m so glad to have had the chance to work with you like this."

Amy / Senior Pensions Administrator

“I hadn’t been to a life coach before meeting with Cath, but I can safely say it was a good decision.  Cath is a terrific life coach, particularly when it comes to pointing you in a direction, and allowing you to make the correct changes in your life. She has encouraged me to take small, practical steps to improve my life, and how I feel about it.  While also teaching me better time management which has long been an area of my life that needed improving.  Sometimes it just helps to talk to another person about whatever it is that is bothering you, but Cath did a lot more for me than simply being a listening post. I would highly recommend her.”

Kelly / Office Manager

"Cath is a compassionate and down-to-earth coach who will listen to any situation without judgement, ask the right questions to help you find clarity, gently challenge you at just the right places, and support you in achieving your goals.  Every session I've had with Cath I've come out with greater clarity, focus and motivation and it's helped me immensely!  Thank you Cath!"


Shannon Jones / Holistic Journeys


Coaching & Retreats

"I feel like you are definitely helping me to see things from other angles and to explore further into feelings about things that I didn't consciously know I had. From our sessions, I often get a fresh perspective on things that I didn't have before and it definitely touches on the subject of psychology. There is a lack of understanding in society but I truly believe that a session in life coaching can be just as important, even more so, than attending a doctors appointment. I would recommend your services to anyone."

Hannah / Writer

“Cath really helped me gain clarity over a number of troubling issues in my life.  I feel much more positive about my future now."

Emma / Data Analyst

“I have finally learned how to deal with some of my stressors in life.  I'm rolling out helpful methods everyday."


Helen / Retired Teacher

You need a change of soul, not a change of climate