I specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.  Using a solutions focused approach you can learn how to:​


  • Address your stressors

  • Learn coping mechanisms

  • Uncover alternative responses


This can help you to:

  • Choose what to spend your mental energy on

  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

  • Put in practice what you’ve learned

  • Ensure successes are embedded for future sustainability


I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick.  With my degree in Psychology and Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching, I am uniquely able to help you to regain your former self and overcome what life is currently throwing at us.

Are you ready for change? 

To find out more about life coaching, please click on my vlog:

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Cath Walford, owner and practitioner at Perspective Life Coaching.


Your First Step to

De-Stressing Guide

Learn the first step in how to take control of the negative thoughts that cause stress.


Decide what to expend your mental energy on...instead of wasting your time catastrophizing about worst case scenarios.


How and what you think about is UP TO YOU!

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Your first step to de-stressing guide
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