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I provide individually tailored techniques to help people who are stuck in a way of life that is unfulfilling or are bound by limiting self beliefs such as procrastination or impostor syndrome.  The symptoms of these can range from discontent via stress to not achieving your full potential.


The end results can comprise various outcomes such as achieving goals (both personal and professional) enabling you to moving onto the next stage in life, stress reduction and ease in handling difficult people and situations.


However the outcomes always include improved happiness and well-being: enabling my clients to achieve a sense of fulfillment and an improved and healthier perspective on life.


I work with my clients through a solutions focused approach which comprises:​


  • Gaining a deeper understanding of what’s holding you back, which can include thought provoking questions 


  • Assessing what goals you have or changes you would like to make, creating a clarity of purpose and direction


  • Analysing your barriers to achieving these, such as self-limiting beliefs


  • Jointly arriving at strategies to overcome these


  • Supporting you to carry out positive changes

I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick.  With my degree in Psychology and Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching I am uniquely able to help you to be who you want to be.


​​My influences are the stoics, and their path to happiness through acceptance and tolerance.   So whether you are blinded by the light or can't seem to find the switch, I can help you make sense of the various pieces of your life and together we can find the right solutions for you.

Are you ready for change? 

To find out more about life coaching, please click on my vlog:

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Cath Walford, owner and practitioner at Perspective Life Coaching.


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Decide what to expend your mental energy on...instead of wasting your time catastrophizing about worst case scenarios.


How and what you think about is UP TO YOU!

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We are disturbed not by things,
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