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Life Coaching

I provide individually tailored coaching techniques - helping people who are stuck in a way of life that is unfulfilling - so that they can reach their full potential.


Coaching is an opportunity for you to address the changes that you would like to make in your life both personally and professionally.   Together we will uncover what is really holding you back, and you will learn how to overcome these barriers so that you can lead a rewarding life.

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Covid response

What a year...

Are you really feeling the mental and emotional strain of a year of uncertainty, trauma and deprivation of liberty.  Have you got to the point where your negative thoughts are having a physical impact such as loss of sleep, tearfulness or you can feel yourself slipping into depression?


You can get your mental health back on track by learning how to control what you spend your time thinking about and how you respond to troubling situations.  

Are you ready for change? 

To find out more about life coaching, please click on my vlog:

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Cath Walford, owner and practitioner at Perspective Life Coaching.


Your First Step to

De-Stressing Guide

Learn the first step in how to take control of the negative thoughts that cause stress.


Decide what to expend your mental energy on...instead of wasting your time catastrophizing about worst case scenarios.


How and what you think about is UP TO YOU!

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Your first step to de-stressing guide
We are disturbed not by things,
but by the views we take of them


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